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“ All that is behind each of his works reflects a process of personal and autobiographical experiences, but which result transcends, at the mercy of the viewer. It is his own artistic practice that articulates and develops the first idea or impulse that triggers the action. [...]
Juan Yuste comes from experimental theater: he was formed in the School of Dramatic Arts and completed his training in Madrid, where he studied new forms of drama and post dramaturgia. That was how, gradually and increasingly, he became interested in the art of performance, as his own work made him push beyond the limits imposed by the theater, realizing that only through his work as performer could he reach the creative freedom to express himself. His works are far from an immovable storyline and storytelling, the work of Yuste is disconnected from the usual dramatic space. For Juan there is no separation between performing and visual arts, in his work deep exchanges between the two occur, with a production that moves, as we have seen, in the fields of poetry and photography.
Juan says he has always loved to take pictures, but decided to develop professionally as a photographer when he discovered that he was not satisfied by photographic practice subordinated to the documentation of his performances. Therefore he raised the challenge, apparently impossible, to encapsulate the lived experience of the performance in a static image, that while beautiful, gained its own identity as a work.

His workplace is his own body and his personal environment, mainly the bedroom or other areas of his home that, on the one hand, offer convenience to work, but where, above all, can generate documentation of one of his areas of interest, real intimacy. The main source of inspiration is his own life, not necessarily looking for inspiration from other artists and prefering to find creative stimulus in those around him personally, his family, friends, people charged with common experiences. He thinks the world is already a grotesque work of art itself, full of absurdities and nonsense from which he feeds. But he acknowledges that there are several artists whose works have helped him channel and strengthen his own personal style, mentioning Sophie Calle, Antonin Artaud or Angelica Liddell. He also admires some contemporary photographers like Laurent Champoussin, Irene Cruz, David Catá although their artistic proposals are distant from his. Juan uses photography because it allows more freedom and self-sufficiency in his pursuit of direct and material relationship with the viewer.
He loves reading and reads everything that falls into his hands, in order to complete his training and deepen on everything that arouses his interest. He has increasingly less desire to do something very contextualized works that need to be explained, because he does not consider himself sufficiently eloquent. He just wants to make beautiful things of high quality that "have an ethical, accessible, and aesthetic criteria locatable at any time." The greatest difficulty in his career has been economic in nature, since, despite his successful career, he can not live solely on his profession as an artist. He believes that there is much to do to recognize the professional work of the artists, as this practice is perceived by many sectors of society as something that develops in the field of leisure.

Nuria García - Curator and Art Blogger

Juan Yuste

Juan Yuste Del Valle is born in Bilbao, Spain, in 1985. At 18 he moves to Pamplona to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, which he withdraws from to fully focus on his artistic aspirations. He then moves back to Bilbao where he gets a degree in Performing Arts, while pursuing his studies on classical singing and contemporary and classical dancing. He finally settles in Madrid to take one step further on his research studies in new artistic and stage languages, specializing in Experimental Theater, Post-Dramatugy and Peformance Art. To faithfully document his stage work, he also studies Photography. Juan is currently an artistic and freelance photographer. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and art fairs such as Art & Breakfast, We Are Fair, Jäälphoto, Room Art Fair, Cuarto Público, etc.