Fundiré quirúrgicamente nuestro sistema vascular.
Mi aorta entretejida con la tuya.
Compartiremos sistema circulatorio.
Una misma sangre.
Un mismo oxígeno.
Una misma suciedad.

    vessel /ˈvɛsəl/ n

  • any object used as a container, esp for a liquid

  • a passenger or freight-carrying ship, boat, etc

  • a tubular structure that transports such body fluids as blood and lymph

  • a tubular element of xylem tissue consisting of a row of cells in which the connecting cell walls have broken down

  • (rare) a person regarded as an agent or vehicle for some purpose or quality

  • ·Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French vaissel, from Late Latin vascellum urn, from Latin vās vessel.

Con la amable colaboración del artista Carlos Villoslada.

November 2014